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Monument Productions and DarKnight Productions are producers of independent film and video projects.

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Destiny : Way of Life (1995)

2019 KaJuKenBo Escrima Advance with GM David Ducay Self-Defense Weaponry : FOR SALE $79.00, Techniques on DVD showing the SGM BAUTISTA SPECIALS (B-Special) self-defense FOR SALE $10.00.

GrandMaster Emil Bautista .

(2003) A collaboration with SBC Communications, cinema varite Documentrary film "A tribute to SBC Billing Services Veterans'./. Producer Cindy Price, Filmmaker: David A. Ducay

(2004) AAU Basketball 11-U "The Road to New Orleans, For Sale $15.00 on DVD" Girls Hoops. CARONDELET Basketball, music documentaries of the Carondelet Cougaers teams (Check which years: Varsity 2006, 2007, JV's 2006), For Sale $15.00 each)

Two of the greatest M.A. Legends : Sijo Adriano D. Emperado and (GM) Great GrandMaster "Cacoy" Canete.

SECTOR - 7 (2006)

SCI-Fi Action feature film, The Government created them. An accident unleashed them. A madman thought he could control them... He was WRONG! In a remote government facility, deep within a top-secret laboratory, something has gone terribly wrong... And now, something terrible has been ...unleashed. Cast: Eddie Garcia, Danilo Manuel, Nick Fritter, Natasha Bardou, Florintino MaCalma.:.Director : Michael Hankinson

Dogs in the Pit (2005)

Available for Viewing on DVD

Five gamberlers all assembled to bet on trained No Holds barred (M.A. Champion Woody J. Sims)stallion fighters... The rules, the fight goes on until someone dies! The reward, winner takes home $100,000 in cash. The catch, Fighters arn't the only one's who die!

Starring: Eddie Garcia, Tito Fuentes, Florentino Macalma, Keith Carter, and GiGi Vallejos.


Bare Fists and Naked Feet

DarKnight Productions

Starring : Joseph Vaughan, Michael Hankinson, Brian Sausen, Dave Morse

Director Michael Hankinson





Michael Hankinson




David Anthony Ducay


Rooms (1998)

DarKnight / Monument Productions

The video is a collaboration between the two filmmakers

Michael Hankinson and David Anthony Ducay. A drama / dark comedy of a deadly game

and who survives this game.

Starring: David Ducay, Michele Arellano, Sheena Rubi, Rick Tabor

Director: Michael Hankinson


Heart of the Warrior (1999)

Raynna at Home (1999)

Monument Productions

This wacky comedy (Avant Garde)film features the story of one Filipina (Filipino

girl) trials and tribulations of a weekend day at home. By putting passion, dance and

tradition together, it has the recipe for a spicy mix of cultural romantic comedy.

Starring: Michele Arellano, Rick Tabor, Albert Hodge, Florentino Macalma

Director: David Anthony Ducay







Monument Production




DarKnight Productions








Dark Moments IV - (1999)

DarKnight Productions

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"The Return of Dr. Latharius"

The episodic Sci-Fi by film and video maker Michael Hankinson

(Silent Warnings, Bare Fist and Naked Feet) distributed by DarKnight Productions.

This episodic sequel is about a small group of individuals called "Travelers" who are

among a race of ancient extraterrestrial beings and given the power to travel through time.

 Starring : Brian Sausen, Larry Burdick .\. Director: Michael Hankinson

Creature from Stillwater Cove (2006)

A Deadly bet from three friends,transforms a teen age boy into the creature. On this daring walk into a radio active cave becomes the leagendary "Creature from Stillwater Cove".-

Starring: Jordan Dekker, Karina Dekker, Erin Enser and Jessica Morea.:. Director: David A. Ducay

Available for viewing on DVD


When they Kill -

Monument Productions

Episode: "Disguised Killer" (2000)

The documentary / drama of the nations most bizarre mass murderer "Zodiac" .

This film depicts the actual murder of Betty Lou Jensen and David Fairaday at a lonely

remote place on Lake Herman Rd. in Vallejo, California. After his second slaying he

sent a mocking note to the police, promising that he would kill more!

Starring: Leanne Revelo, Voltaire Vito, Dave Biama as the "Zodiac"

Director: David Anthony Ducay


Big Surprise -

Sci-Fi Episodes:

"Big Surprise" (2001),"Booty on the Wall" (2002),"Morea Calls Home", "Wanna Play"(2003),"Open Pool"(2004), "Kung-Fu Basketball", "Punk'd" (2005), "AT&T Samurai", "4:59" (2006)

The short stories are tribute to Night Gallery taking you into the mind of a twelve year old boy Chris and his two friends Jimmy, Jordan. When a strange old man promises a "Big Surprise to the boys...." .

If they will dig for it!........STARRING: Chris Maccarone, Jimmy Cacho, J. Alexander Ducay

Starring: BOTW- Dana Maccarone MCH- Joseph Domingues, WP- Ashly Moore, Kamea Williams,

OP- Karena Decker KFB - Morgan Fritterr and J.Morea Ducay, PK'd - Derreck Young

Director: David Anthony Ducay

Sci-Fi -


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