Raynna at Home


Starring: Michelle Arellano, Rick Tabor, Albert Hodge,Florentino Macalma

Written & Directed: David Anthony Ducay

Music by: Eddie Lastra

Editor: Michael Hankinson

Producer: David Anthony Ducay

Executive Producer: Rea Amante - Ducay


Everything was going fine as Rayna Cortez (Michelle Arellano) had each guy's schedule down to the seconds of a clock, but Raynna's work starts to take a toll with the simultaneous appearance of the three guys who think Raynna is their girl. The thing about Raynna is there's three of them and one of her. All she wants to do is have fun at home.

By putting passin, dance and tradition together, you have the recipe for a spicy mix of cultural romantic comedy in "Raynna at Home".


Front of Raynna's House

Raynna with her boyfriends Vaultar Conception(Florentino Macalma), J.T. Taylor (Albert Hodge) and shark tooth brother Roland Cortez.



Raynna and Tony Dancing

Raynna Cortez shows boyfriend Tony Colon (Rick Tabor) how to dance the Cha-Cha in "Raynna at Home".




Raynna Cortez

Raynna (Michelle Arellano) the lovely Filipina girl.



Raynna reads Vaultar's poem

Vaultar Conceptions poem is a colaboration of the director and long time friend writer / poet Julian "Puka" Carrol. Raynna is reading aloud the poem that is given to her by Vaultar (Florentino Macalma) in "Raynna at Home".


VHS - Running Time : 70 Minutes; NTSC format


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