Dark Moments is a Sci-Fi episodic drama / action show.

episodes DM, DM-2, DM-3, DM-4 and upcoming DM-5.

 These are a continuing series of Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror short stories featuring "The Traveler".

These videos are filmmaker Michael Hankinsons 'homage' to the classic low-budget Science Fiction 'B' movies.



"Tales From Beyond"

Episodes :

- Williams Turn

- The Collector

- The Secret

- Sam Zerro Three



"More Tales From Beyond"

Episodes :

- Sector 17

- The Collector (Pt 2)

-Legacy of Death



| Dark Moments - 3 |

Summoned to Earth Year 1998, the Travelers are once again united by their leader "Six" -- But this time it is not to share tales of past or future adventures... It is to save the world from their evil nemesis, Doctor Latharius...

Now the Travelers must use all of their skills and technology to stop Latharius before he can complete his sinister plan of revenge.

Who will survive this deadly game? -- Only time will tell...

But to a Traveler, What is Time?...

| Dark Moments - 4 |

Long ago they were given the power to travel through time by an ancient race of mysterious beings -- The Travelers have waged their secret war against the dark forces of the universe for centuries.... Each generation handing down their knowledge and unique skills to the next.

But now the Travelers must face their greatest challenge -- And together they must confront the deadliest of enemies:

One of their own....