Disguised Killer is a episode in David Anthony Ducay's Suspense / Thriller series of

"When They Kill"


Starring : Leanne Revelo, Voltaire Vito, Dave Biama

Cast:, Theresa E. Davis, Melinda Manuel, Jerry Colipapa

Written & Directed : David Anthony Ducay

Director of Photography: D. B. Fritts

Music: Cesar Fortuno

Lighting: Herbert Harris III


Producer : David Anthony Ducay

Executive Producer : Rea Amante - Ducay








Betty and Sharron share a little time.

(Leanne Revello)

(Shannon Harris)

Officer Bundi interrogates the Hunters who know nothing.

(Eddie "Gary" Garcia))

(Danilo Manuel)

(Michael Fuston)

Betty feels there is something wrong.

The Stalker looks on.

(Dave Biama)

Betty and David on Annette Street.

(Leanne Revelo)

(Voltaire Vito)

Friends having fun :

(Anthony Biama)

(Ricky Chavez)











A most terrifying true story of torture, crime and murder!

This stylish riveting Suspense / Thriller of the killer who's never been caught will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way down through the last frame. The documented first killing on the outskirts of the urban town of Vallejo, California.  After Jack the Ripper and before the Son of Sam there is only one name their that will equal in terror :

The vicious, elusive and mysterious ZODIAC.

Back in 1968 the hooded mass murderer had terrified the city of Vallejo and the San Francisco bay area with a string of brutal killings. Director David Anthony Ducay depicts the Zodiac's first kill of two high school lovers in this contemporary version of the shocking Lake Herman Road massacre. Betty Lou Jenson and David Fairaday where the beginning of his rampage of murders. His killings were of sex crimes in which he stalked and reduced his victims to objects that existed only to give him sexual pleasure achieved through his violent acts. The hunt for his victims was his foreplay and the attacks were his substitute for the sex act. Some scenes shot and photographed in Vallejo at original places where the events took place. It all adds up to a roller coaster ride of heart pounding suspense in "Disguised Killer". 


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