Rooms (1998) Drama


 Starring: David Ducay, Rick Tabor, Michele Arellano

Cast: Tony Montemayor, Sheena Rubi, Kevin Courtright, Michael Hankinson, Florintino Macalma

Written and Directed: Michael Hankinson

Camera Operation: Michael Hankinson, Brian Sausen, Greg Specht

Technical Advisor: Jordan Ducay

Location Supervisor: Rea Amante-Ducay

Music: Michael Hankinson

Karen goes to warn Bob :

 (Sheena Rubi)

Gino and the Thug in hot persuit of the money:

(Tony Montemayor)

(Michael Hankinson)

Boss Lady waiting for the goods :

(Michelle Arellano)

Jimmy is forced to do it!

(Rick Tabor)

Karen's conversation at the Motel room.

(Sheena Rubi)

Bob in hidding.

(Dave Ducay)


VHS - Color: Running Time 27 minutes

Some doors should never be opened, some rooms should never be entered., and some games should never be played......

Bob Taggart isn't the kind of guy to let an opportunity slip away. So when a friend offered him a chance for a little adventure in exchange for some easy money. Bob was willing to play the game. But he soon realizes he has made a tragic mistake, for there are other players in this game --and they only play by one rule: Kill or be Killed.

Now Bob must unlock the mystery behind the deadly chain of events that he has unwittingly set into motion.

Who will survive this murderous game? The answer can only be found in the treacherous maze of ROOMS.....


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Bob confronts Boss Lady in "Rooms".

He realizes that the package he delivered is just the game.


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Gino and the Thug

The search for Bob and the Money.


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Boss Lady and her security verify the goods.


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Bob in a heated conversation with Jimmy in the Drama / Dark Comedy of Rooms.


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