The Production Team


These are the people that make things happen.

Without them our films would not be films today!


Michael Hankinson - Filmmaker

Help Monument Production get started. He Co-Produced and did the Cinematography / Editing to "Rooms" and "Raynna at Home".  

David Anthony Ducay - Filmmaker

David, Filmmaker and founder of Monument Productions. He hopes to master the art of Filmmaking and conquer his goal of making 100 films before even thinking about stopping.

Jordan Ducay -

The gopher of the Production crew. He is willing to leap from tall buildings in a single bound with his Air Jordan's.




Rea Amante - Ducay / Producer

Rea is the Executive Producer for Monument Productions and the key to Monuments future success. Mo' Money! 


Dennis B. Fritts - Filmmaker

Cinematographer / Lighting Supervisor for "Disguised Killer" . He is also a Sound Specialist. We hope to work with him on future projects for both Monument & DarKnight Productions.




Jessica Ducay

The Slate / Clapper for Monument Productions.

She promises to clap whenever needed and she will do it without any mistakes.

Anyone want to hire her?




Brian Sausen - Producer

Brian produced the Titling and Art work on the Video cover for the "Raynna at Home" feature. He is also a Producer and Actor for DarKnight Productions. 


Herbert Harris III - Gaffer / Light Man

Herb has been with us from the beginning he is a P.C. programmer and a hell of a nice guy. He also acted in "Raynna at Home"






Shannon Harris - Script Supervisor

Shannon is a Hayward State graduate majoring in English literatur "She is a can do anything utility girl" for Monument Productions. She pretty much did everything on the "Raynna" and "Disguised Killer" project from Script to P.M. to Lights to D.P. !


Julian "Puka" Carrol - Writer / Poet

Julian wrote the Star poem in "Raynna at Home". We hope to collaborate and produce with him a Jazz documentary.




. . . . . . . . . . . . .





Eddie Lastra - Musician / Guitarist

Eddie worked on the musical score for "Raynna at Home". He did it all at Lastra 's Beverly Hills Sound Room. He is an incredible guitar player and Arnis Master. We hope to collaborate with Eddie again in the near future.


Cesar Fortuno - Musician / Keyboards

Have keyboard in trunk will travel! Cesar wrote the musical score for "Disguised Killer" all in one night. He is also a Executive Recording Producer who produced Jocelyn Enriques / before Classified got a hold of her... the rest is history. Right Ces's !




Danilo Manuel - Production Assistence

Danny is our assistant in whatever we need from him. Script support to stunt double, he has done things no man has been asked to do. Has appeared in the "Raynna" project "Disguised Killer" and "Dogs in the Pit". He is also a principle actor in award winning short film "Heart of the Warriors"


Vincente Ornum - Technical Assistance

Vince is the new man on the block ! He helped out on the "Disguised Killer" project as the Assistant to the Camera Man.


  Eddie Garcia - Graphic Artist

Eddie has helped Monument with his wonderful art work. He designed the Monument Production logo and has done some work on a story board treatment for the "Dogs in the Pit" project. Ed also has appeared in "Disguised Killer" and starred as Payton in "D.I.T.P.".