Monument Productions and DarKnight Productions are producers of independent film and video projects.

Utilizing local talent, low budgets, and a great deal of imagination, we have produced a wide range of original

features. Most of our projects air on local public access television stations and are occasionally entered in

both domestic and international film / video festivals.

Among the combined projects produced by Monument/DarKnight productions are documentaries, action features,

dramas, comedies, as well as an ongoing Science Fiction series.

Plans are also in the works for several instructional videos.

All of our projects are truly independent as the writing, acting, directing, filming, editing, musical score,

costume design, choreography for fight sequences, stunt work, creation of props, make-up, lighting,

and the designing and construction of sets, we do ourselves as well as anything else that is needed to

see a project through from start to finish.

We are constantly honing our craft of filmmaking and feel that the best way (and only way) to learn how to do

a film is to go out and make a film.

We do not see a low budget and technical limitations as being restrictive in a negative way to a filmmaker,

as these conditions foster imagination, creativity, as well as encourage experimentation.

It is our hope that you will find the end result of our efforts to be entertaining and that you will have as much

fun watching our movies as we do making them.


VHS copies of most of our features are available for purchase.


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