Dark Moments - 4

The Retrun of Dr.Latharius


They are the chosen..... They are the Travelers.

Long ago they were given the power to travel through time by an ancient race of mysterious beings -- The Travelers have waged their secret war against the dark forces of the universe for centuries.... Each generation handing down their knowledge and unique skills to the next.

But now the Travelers must face their greatest challenge -- And together they must confront the deadlist of enemies:

One of their own....


Starring: Brian Sausen, Michael Hankinson, Larry Burdick

Cast : Tracy Dourgarian, David Ducay, Danny Manuel, Kevin Courtright, Robert Royce Riggs, Robert Gaouette, Jerry Eakin, Brad Henwood, David Morse

Written and Directed: Michael Hankinson

Producer: Michael Hankinson and Brian Sausen

Music: Eric Mattei


Kim (Tracy Dourgarian) and Hadioshi (Brian Sausen) unite in the action Sci-Fi Dark Moments - IV.



In the way of the warrior Shokato (Dave Ducay) takes matters into his own hands.


The Return of Dr. Latharius (Larry Burdick) and his clan member Sato (Danilo Manuel) are in total control in the scene of the kidnap victim.


One of the travelers battles against Dr. Latharius evil clan.

The Sword Avenger (Michael Hankinson)


VHS - Color / Wide Screen : Running Time 45 minutes


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