Michael Hankinson



Fearless Independent filmmaker and founder of DarKnight Productions Michael Hankinson .

Mike is a true Filmmaker of his time in the footsteps of Orson Wells and Robert Rodriguez he has done it all Write, Produce, Direct and Edit

His list of credits include

1994 - Standard Confusion I & II, 1994 / 96 "Stepping Through Time" series, "Silent Warning", 1995 - "Re-enacting America's Civil War" a 2nd Place winner of the 1st Annual Access Awards, "Rendezvous", Imagicon - Trilogy From Beyond, 1996 / Present - "Dark Moments" episodes 1 through 5 , 1998 - "Rooms", 2001 "Heart of the Warrior and one of the most sought after Martial Arts comedy video "Bare Fist and Naked Feet". 2002 "Ghost of Livermore", 2003 " Documentary "The Highland Games", 2006 A mystery, adventure and horror film "Sector Seven".

Mike is currently working on the upcoming comedy project Martial Art comedy film "Bare Fist and Naked Feet 2".

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