David Anthony Ducay


David Ducay has the following independent films to his credit 2007 "Vallejo Class Reunion - 30 Years", 2006 "Creature from Stillwater Cove", "Dogs in the Pit", 2005 Documentary "Call it What you want V-Town Picnic", "AAU Basketball - Road To New Orleans", "Punk'd", Kung-Fu Basketball, "2004" Suspense-Comedy "Open Pool", Sci-Fi series 2007 "AT&T Samurai", "4:59", 2003 "Morea Calls Home", "Wanna Play" 2002 "Booty on the Wall", 2001 "Big Surprise" 2000 Docu-Drama film "Disguised Killer", 1999 Advent-Garde feature film "Raynna at Home", 1998 Co-Produced "Rooms" a upcoming Documentaries "Abaloni Diving with Tyce / Mark goes Airborne / Trick Jet Ski and Dave / A Budda Monk name Phunh", "Across Oceans, Filipinos of Vallejo",

Producer for the award winning and AMMY award nominated short film "Heart of the Warrior", UPCOMING Horror / Sci-Fi film Crazy Lady".

Collaborations with SBC Communications on a cinema varite, documentrary style film on a tribute to the SBC Billing Serviecs Veterans' and music video spoof of YMCA in SBC's version of "SDMP", AT&T CDT / WorX Summer Picnic.

He is also a fight choreographer with over 30+ martial arts shows and demonstrations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area , a KaJuKenBo Karate instructor and 1997 Filipino Martial Arts Hall of fame instructor of the year. His fight choreography and collaborations include:

1994 critically acclaimed play "IS AMERICA IN THE HEART"


1997 Kapatirans at Pistahan in San Francisco.

Mahal at the Palace of Fine Arts and The La Pena in Berkeley.

1998 "THE LEGEND OF PRINCE LANLING" a Diablo Valley College west coast premier.

1999 "DARK MOMENTS IV" Episodic Sci-Fi series Fight Choreography and stunts.

2000 "Man of Lamancha" at DVC


2005 "SECTOR SEVEN" Choreography for DarKnight Productions SciFi Action, Adventure, Horror Film

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Contemporary Filipino Director filmmaker :

David Anthony Ducay

His films explores Filipino culture and the humor in the messiness of life, the friction's and the wrong doings that everyone submits to.